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About Us

Creative Comic FZ LLC is a company based in Dubai, UAE that aims to provide top-notch photography, videography to businesses and individuals. We want you to be able to express a message or represent your brand in the most creative and unique approach. Our company also aims to help you with your personal or corporate projects and events, making them stand out and elevate your brand. Consider it our task and mission to show the world what your brand and event is about.

The Creative Comic team is surely a fun-filled team, although when it’s time to get down to business, you can count on us to do what should be done. Each individual in our team has worked for professional companies, and we are used to handling both local and international clients. You can be assured that whatever project you throw our way, we will be giving our one hundred percent to give you the best results.

Creative Comic represents the company as a whole, and we aim to provide every company and individual in Dubai with their photography, videography or any creative needs. Our team sees to it that we use our creative juices responsibly while still having the freedom that any creative person should have. We love being creative while still having tons of fun, so you can make sure that our team will deliver with passion and eagerness!

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