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My Career Journey

Back when I started my career as a junior designer working in different agencies under different senior and head designers. It doesn't seem right for me, i've felt more of the competition rather than teamwork. More of the pressure than enjoyment. In my 4 years as a junior designer I really felt irrelevant. So I wonder, is it possible for me to work in a corporate company as a creative by myself? Somewhere where I can fully utilize all my skills and talents and fits perfectly with my personality.

I've decided to look for that dream workplace and found Move One.

Move One gave me the opportunity to grow and mature. It was the kind of role I was looking for my career. Handling all creative stuff like Had a great marketing manager, great friends (The Move One Filipino Mafia!) and great marketing team. Easily the best team I have ever had in my professional career.

The Marketing Team

The Filipino Mafia

Move One Dubai Office Group Photo

Love all the years I stayed in Move One, though there is something missing. I still don't know yet by that time, something that I didn't realize till I joined Biz Group. From the day I stepped in the Biz office iv'e already felt it. Yeah thats it! The culture! The culture separates Biz from everybody else!

My first day at Biz. Received a welcome card from my colleagues. As you can see, yes someone greeted me a Happy Birthday! lol Andy!!!

My first day at Biz. Received a welcome card from my colleagues. As you can see, yes someone greeted my Happy Birthday! lol Andy!!!

Just after few days of working at Biz, i've already told myself. This is it! This is the workplace I was dreaming. The people, the environment, the values and the culture. All fits my wacky and squiggly personality (especially if your GM is as wacky as you!). Proof? I won monthly awards like 4 months straight and like 8 awards in total in my first year. Whew! To be honest, I don't even know how and why I won them. I'm just doing my norm really lol.

Fulfilling my dream role of heading a corporate company in all creative aspects was a great success for me. I'm proud to say that I transformed Biz Group thru my creative works. Here are some of my great achievements at Biz.

Old logo to the new logo

Old branding to new branding

Cool video projects

The branding i've created affected the look and feel of our new office. Look, we have a slide!! (Credits to Sheilvy and Charisma for the wall artworks)

And finally, i'm pretty sure it affected the culture and how people outside Biz Group see us as a whole.

Though I really love everything at Biz, but there is something more important that I have to fulfill. And that is to achieve my ultimate dream, to have my own company.

I will definitely apply everything that i've learned from the beginning to the end of my employment career. And hoping I can build the same environment and culture like Biz Group. And that is now my next goal!

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