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A Huge Sacrifice

I made a huge sacrifice, a sacrifice for my family to survive and to hopefully give them a better future. And that sacrifice is to bring back my kids in the Philippines. People close to me knows how much I worked hard to bring Asia here in Dubai. When I came here in 2007 thats my ultimate goal, to bring Asia here in Dubai. It was not easy, it took me 6 years of hard work to achieve that goal. And when that happened, it was one of the biggest achievement of my life.

Asia arriving to Dubai 2013.


Since then, life is not really easy for us. Having your family here in Dubai is pretty expensive. Especially when Daphne came life gets even more challenging. I see this business as my only hope to give them a better life. It's not like I have load of money thats why I decided to put up my business, never like that. I am really looking forward for this business to become successful to give them a better future. If this is what I need to do and this is what it takes, if I have to sacrifice them by bringing them back home, I have to do it. I think this will give me more motivation and more reason to work hard. It doesn't matter for me how long it will take me to bring them back here again, for me I'll do all my best for that to happen. When that moment comes, I will be really really happy!

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